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Mrs. Uma Maheswari, ARTEMIS VOLVO CARS - Coimbatore

"Dear Mrs.Sujatha / Mr.Srinivasan,

Greetings From ARTEMIS VOLVO CARS!!! I wanted to thank you for the travel arrangements you made for me. The trip was amazing... the beauty of Kailash Yatra is beyond words. Kailash Yatra was truly an experience of a lifetime! Special Thanks!"

KP Karthik — Chennai

"Dear Samrat Team Thank you very much for the wonderful support for Mukthinath and Kailash trip - Sep 2015.

Appreciate the prompt response and updates of Permit and Visa. Thanks for your SMS alerts to the dear and near ones of our family. Will share the photos with Picasa and update the links. Unforgettable moments.

Will meet up again soon in Next trip.... Awaiting for the day to see Kailash again.. Once again thank you Samrat Team"

Sharada Ganesan — Chennai

"A pilgrimage to Kailash had been on my husband’s mind for some years. It is normal for anyone eager to have a darshan of “Kailasa Nathan” to have a small fear at the back of their mind, if they would be able to withstand the rigor that the pilgrimage involves. When we decided to undertake the pilgrimage to Kailash this fear did arise in our minds. In June 2014, during the visit of our family friend Mr Swaminathan, the conversation turned to our interest in Kailash Yatra (pilgrimage). He informed that he and his friends had successfully undertaken the pilgrimage with Samrat Holidays. He also called up Mrs Sujatha of Samrat Holidays with a request to provide information to us. After a chat with Mrs Sujatha, we decided to undertake the yatra in July 2014. My brother and sister with their spouses have also decided to join the pilgrimage. At the very first interaction with Mr Srinivasan and Mrs Sujatha in a meeting organized by them for the pilgrims, we could understand their approach to this pilgrimage and the fear at the back of our mind disappeared. The gentle approach of Mrs Sujatha and the vast experience of Mr Srinivasan, with 50 successful Kailash Yatras and their readiness to clarify the doubts of the pilgrims was a big motivator. Their stated objective of making sure that all the pilgrims take a holy dip in Manasarovar and complete the Kailash parikrama, despite any hardships that the altitude, cold weather or lack of oxygen might cause, was really a confidence booster. I am really at a loss to decide on what aspects of the entire pilgrimage I should write about or what I could leave out. Everyone in the group was taken care of like their own family members with good food and accommodation and those who were affected by the altitude or weather were taken special care of. Even now, it is with a bit of awe that I look back on how we had managed to successfully complete the pilgrimage. The contacts that Mr Srinivasan has developed both in Nepal and Tibet, China with the hotels, Nepali and Tibetan guides as well the horsemen and the goodwill he has generated over the years, certainly helped him to handle any problem that arose very effectively. If we are blessed enough to undertake the Kailash yatra once more, we would certainly opt for Samrat Holidays, Salem. Sharada Ganesan, Sri Lakshmi Nivas, 11-5,Plot No 137, 4th Street, Ram Nagar, Velachery,Chennai 600042 +91 97909 19099"

B.Venkat — Delhi

"Dear Shri Srinivasan / Mrs Sujatha, Thank you for a wonderful experience. The yatra to Manasarovar & Kailasam was indeed an experience of a life time. You had taken pains to make the entire trip as pleasant as possible, The travel and stay arrangements were adequate and the food met more than our expectations. The way you handled all incidents including the loss of a couple of passports was really admirable."

S.Krishnamurthy — Chennai

"KAILASH MANASAROVAR YATHRA -The ultimate trip in the world which is religious, pious, lifes dream for any Hindu and of course tough and grueling was the trip made by me ( age 64 )and my wife (age 58). We had been briefed, cautioned, trained and well monitored by Mr.Srinivasan of Samrat Travels for whom personally this trip was his 49th parikrama by walk. Samrat Travels was professional in any and every aspect, understood and were ready for all types of problems. Mr.Srinivasan ( mobile no. +91-9600991111 ) and his team of sherpas knows almost all problems associated and they are proactive and ready in spite of continuously monitoring and providing education and guidance to us. Their courtesy, hospitality and support was par excellent

Three Major reasons which make this trip tough are,

The altitude adjustment the body requires as we would never have traveled beyond hill stations in the world which are just 1/3rd of the altitude of kailash manasarovar.

The low oxygen availability which make life miserable as without sufficient oxygen the whole human system may suffer.

The fall in temperature and the change in temperature which is drastic in Tibet( 7 to 8 degrees when cloud covers sun, in normal city in india it is just one degree)

Samrat Travels guided us promptly so we took enough precautions, trusted them fully and did not adventure out of their strict instructions, we could finish the parikrama of 52 Kms and are back to our home hale and healthy. Incidentally 6 youngsters of age group less than 30 couldnt complete as they threw caution to the wind, were over confident but could not proceed beyond manasarovar as they became sick due to one the above 3 reasons. Manasarovar is tempting, but bright sunlight doesnt mean it is physically comfortable to take bath, cautious approach helps you to enjoy and also take care.THE THREE days of Parikrama is tough but can be completed and also can be enjoyed, if you are cautious and take adequate care and preparation before and during the trip. The tibetan horsemen are rude when u go in horse but our kind approach considering them as human beings makes them offer best support. they dont understand our language and I used whistle to draw their attention whenever we wanted break, water, food or what ever it is or else they want to dump you on the other end as early as possible ignoring our physical and mental inconvenience. IS IT WORTH ALL THESE TROUBLE - YES, YES AND YES. IF LORD SHIVA IN KAILASH IS WITHIN YOU TOO THEN HE ENSURES THAT ALL TROUBLES ARE TAKEN CARE. OM NAMASIVAYA."

Vatchala & Ravi Srinivas — Canada

"We are now back to our home in Canada. Thank you Srinivas for your all nice arrangement for our Holiday / Pilgrimage Trip to Nepal and Tibet covering Holy Mansarovarand Mount Kailash. We had a wonderful time throughout our trip and we absolutely enjoyed it. Al the services provided by your Napalian team leader, Assistants and in particular the highly skilled driving service provided by Tibetian drivers were of excellent quality. From the day of arrival here and until now, we have been talking about our trip to Nepal, Manasarovar and Kailash and the help you provided in organizing the tour for us through Samrat Travels. We find several of our friends are interested and planning to take Kailash Manasarover trip some time in near future. I hope you will be getting calls from them shortly.

Vatchala and myself have traveled to several countries and places during the last ten years. But we feel that the recent trip we took through Samrat Travels to Nepal, Manasarovar and Kailsh along with our family friend Dr.Murugesan and his wife Dr.Tamilarasi was the best and most memorable. You will be getting a good recommendation and references from all of us. Keep up the good work and wish you complete your 108th Kailash Parikrama soon!. Thanking you and looking forward to visit Kailash soon once again!"

B.Aparna — Bangalore

"Good Morning. Returned this AM from Kathmandu after completing the Parikrama at Kailash Mansarovar and having Muktinath Darshan. All the arrangements made by you and your counterparts in Nepal was simply marvellous. The team at Nepal right from Mr. Jyoti to Mr. Devi (Nepal Guide)and Ms. Hang Tse (Tibet Guide) did an fabulous job.

Furthermore, the sherpas were always working extra hard to make us comfortable in high altitude. Would like to thank you and the entire team both in India, Nepal and Tibet for all the excellent arrangements. Have already recommended about your excellent service and have passed on your contact View Itinerary to the team in Kolkata. Thank you once again and will definitely ensure that we partake in the yatra once again next year with God's grace. Thank you madam."

Latha Murali — Chennai

"My sincere and heart felt thanks and gratitude to Mr.srinivasan and his team from samrat travels for organising a memorable and wonderful pilgrimage to kailash-mansarovar-muktinath. I must surely mention the extreme care i received when i was very ill at nyalam and saga. if not for their kind gesture, i surely could not have made my onward journey and parikrama. I take this an oppotunity to thank Mr. srinivasan, once again."

Mrs & Mr. Natarajan — Muscat, Oman.,

"Dear Madam I just wanted to place on record the wonderful trip we had in Kathmandu between 29th August to 3rd September.The entire trip was very well organised and people especially in Pokhara like Mr.Pandey were so kind and helpful.We had totally the most amazing trip altogether.I would choose Samrat holidays anytime for any trips from now on.I thank you personally for your patient hearing for my queries over phone and for always being friendly and polite all the time.Take care."

Mr. Paulsamy Velsamy — Chennai

"I really enjoyed very friendly atmosphere during entire yatra. Thanks for the conducive atmosphere to spend golden days. I would like to give some feedbacks, most of them can be implemented with very little extra care.

The individuals can bring and keep the duffle bag in common place

Oats, corn flakes, bread were appreciated, the frequency of it could be increased.

Seasonal fruits from local market may be included to compensate the food intake.

Rotation of yatris in the van and room might have given more friendly/to mingle with every one.

Iittle increase of Free jacket and few more partitions in the duffle bag (extra pouches inside to keep items in safe way)


Mr.Srinivas himself supervising food and arrangements every time

Enough hot water provided whenever wanted by yatris for drinking

Quick set up of kitchen to serve on time

Service by Nepali sherphas to attend yatris were excellent

beddings were enough for the yatra

Timing were adhererd

instruction were very clear from Srinivas

timely food and lot of pickles to manage tastebuds.

Idly in remote location ( May be it can be avoided- for the difficulty)

Good vehicles (good condition and good drivers)

Very active and friendly team leader.

Enough freedom to yatris.

Keep it up Samrat group and if you feel my feedbacks are implementable, it may add a feather in your cap.


Mrs. Akhila — Bangalore

"My name is Akhila Kumar and I live in Bangalore. Along with my husband who is a bank manager in a public sector bank, and my 13 year daughter, I joined Sri Srinivasan's group of Samrat Holidays, Salem on a sacred journey to Kailash-Manasarover trip that left Delhi on 21st May 2009 and returned to Delhi on 4th June 2009.

Though we did not know Mr. Srinivas prior to this trip, right from the beginning Mr. Srinivas proved to be more than just our guide or tour operator. When we solicited his help to recover our lost luggage from Delhi Airport, he readily put in his efforts and helped us recover our luggage without which we would have suffered the cold and bitter climate in Tibet.

Not only did Mr. Srinivas accompany us thorughout, he also took pains to explain the significance of the journey, the things that we should be careful about and the things that we should pay particular attention to, enjoy and experience. His interactions and instructions made our journey and the quality of our experience richer. While embarking on long journeys, it is all important to select only very experienced and reliable travel agents to make our arrangements. We have been very lucky indeed to have all our arrangements made by Samrat Travels and Holidays, especially Mr. Srinivas, since he was not merely

our tour operator. He has become our trusted friend, philosopher and guide, and has facilitated life- long friendships with other good people who accompanied us.

I shall fail miserably if i do not add a sincere word of praise for all the sherpas of Samrat Travels who accompanied us, like Siri, Domer, and all the other five. SINCERELY, THE JOURNEY WOULD HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE BUT FOR THIER UNFLINCHING AND DEDICATED SERVICE. From providing us with hot water for brushing our teeth in the morning, to cheering us with warm soups and filling our flasks with hot water endless times, ALL WITH A SMILE IN THEIR FACES!!! I shall never forget their warmth and affection; it appeared to me that all of them were doing this as a service, as some sort of inner call - not merely for money or merely as duties to be finished. They did it with genuine good will,

which is rare to find today's globalized commercial world. The reception and cooperation of the Samrat Travels and Holidays executives at Kathmandu right from Mr. Ram Sapkota was very warm and made us feel at home immediately.

I shall certainly recommend their services to all my friends and anyone who solicits my guidance for Kailash trip. We ourselves, hope to make it to the Inner Kora of Kailash some time in future under the auspices of Mr. Srinivas and Samrat Holidays.

Om Namah Shivayah, Thiruchitrambalam"

Prem — Chennai

"Dear Srinivasan, Thank you very much for the exciting and emotional pilgrimage I have ever had in my life. This was something I had been thinking about for nearly 5 years but did not know how to go about it. My special mention is for the way your staff handled the day to day affair so easily in such a difficult terrain, the credit goes to you! The food you provided was excellent, which is the main concern in everybody's mind, when they travel so far from home and this shows the personal thought you have for the customer. All the arrangements including the stay was perfect. My only regret is that I was not able to go for the full parikrama. I will definitely make it next year along with you. May Lord Shiva shower His blessings on you and your family. Hats off to you and Samrat Holidays. My warm regards to you and Sujatha"

Mr. Kumaraguru — Vellore

"IT WAS A WELL PROFESSIONALLY ORGANISED MUKTINATH PILGRIMAGE TRIP" which we never had before such trip in our life.In fact we felt like as if we were at the feet of LORD VISHNU in VAIKUNTAM. It was so exciting no words can express it. Thanks for the trip."

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